Success Stories Shared by Our Customers
"Ya'll were very nice and caring towards me. You asked me about my daily events school, sports, etc. That made me feel liked you cared. You treated me at every appointment like I was the king of the day. All the staff here are very awesome, really sweet, and kind."
- Connor
"I really enjoyed my time with braces because it was a good benefit for me. All the staff are really nice and take excellent care of you and your teeth. I just want to say thank you to all of the staff and Dr. Brown for allowing me to have a great experience with braces. "
- Zachary
"I absolutely loved my time working with Dr Brown and all the staff. They were always so friendly and nice. I really appreciate how understanding they were. Through my last 2 years in college, a 6 month study abroad trip, and constant rescheduling because I couldn't drive in from Austin, I had a long but worthwhile journey. Thank you Dr Brown and everyone at this office for making this such a positive experience! 10/10 would recommend!!!"
- Berenis
"I liked how nice everybody was and the enviroment of the office. I enjoyed having my braces for the most part but i'm happy it's finally over."
- Lexi
"The staff were all friendly. They all greeted me warmly everytime I came in. They were very flexible with my schedule and helpful. They told me what they were doing when they worked on my braces."
- Samantha
"They treated me with respect and they always made me smile. The quality here is the best. The staff is helpful and treat you good no matter what. I am happy with my teeth."
- Skyla
"My smile was something I always felt insecure about and now i'm not. All the kindness made having braces so much better."
- Sam
"I love the christian environment! I loved all the staff, they were very welcoming and always knew who you were. I loved to be able to come in and just have a conversation. I would come back because this is a place that makes you feel at home. This is a very uplifting facillity with God as the center. This place always boosts my faith when I walk in. "
- Bobby
"My time here has been fantastic! The care takers did a wonderful job the entire time! I wouldn't go anywhere else to receive treatment."
- Nehemiah
"Everyone was super friendly and kind! They always had a smile on their face when I walked through the doors. Everything was great throughout the whole process. Thank you all for everything! God Bless!"
- Erin
"The entire staff was very friendly and always cheerful. They were very helpful and made my braces experience better! I liked how they would always ask about my day and had a smile the whole time. "
- Ally
"Dr. Brown and her staff were excellent the 2 years I wore braces. I absolutely would recommend them for all your dental needs. Very wonderful and great staff."
- Roxanne
"I like the way they treat you here, they're nice. I am thankful and appreciate all of you."
- Carlos
"They did great on fixing my teeth! They were amazing people! Didn't take long if you do what you are told. The staff are great people. Loved my braces, but glad they are off!"
- Shianne
"I'm glad you guys took care of my teeth. These past 4 years were fun. I'm going to miss y'all. "
- Gabriel
"I loved how kind everyone in the office always was/is to me and how they were always so willing to work around my schedule. I appreciate how thorough Dr. Brown was with my braces, making sure to get every little thing right. I've always been extremley self concious about my smile but now I have nothing to worry about. I'm grateful for my new smile and the connection i'll always have with Hill Country Smiles! "
- Erin
"It was a great experience with a great atmosphere and great people."
- Ricky
"I really liked the staff and how caring they all are. I never had problems with my braces and the staff always made sure I was comfortable."
- Anna
"I had a great experience with my braces. I had a lot more responsibility when I had my braces. It taught me how to take care of my teeth. I loved picking out my color. I never thought that I would be happy showing my teeth."
- Emerald
"The staff/peeps were very nice. They were always fun to see... Except when I broke a bracket. But some how I liked the braces. But don't get me wrong i'm glad they're gone!"
- Wyatt