Success Stories Shared by Our Customers
"I was always treated very well during every single appointment I had for the past 2 years. The staff always treated me with care and was always nice"
- Max
"It was always a pleasure to come in for a visit. all of you ladies were always so nice, caring and helpful. I started my journey 3 years ago and i love my results. Thank you all for always being so wonderful and for the care you all give!"
- Laura
"All the girls were lovely. You never leave without a smile or laugh. Isabel is my favorite, don't tell the others. Dr. Brown will always be humming or singing which was a great factor in the experience. I can't wait to show off my smile that I've been hiding!! Thank you to everyone in the office that made this possible."
- Lexie
"I really enjoyed coming, everyone was always caring and compassionate. I love the Christian environment as well as the comforting feeling the girls bring. Everytime I came I would enjoy the conversations! The quality of care was awesome, my questions were always answered thoroughly. The past two and half years have been delightful."
- Ofelia
"The entire staff was super nice and helpful. I'm happy with how everything turned out. I love how everyone is treated with a great attitude, they are helpful and kind."
- Summer
"Everybody was very friendly and I felt at home. Dr. Brown and her staff took very good care of me. They were very friendly and caring.(Always smiling)"
- Corrina
"I honestly loved having braces. It was a great experience but I'm happy that they're off."
- Cade
"The staff was great! You are always welcomed. I thought the process went very well. Thans for the smile!"
- Bryan
"The staff at Hill Country Smiles did a great job everytime I came. They were nice and really respectful. This was a fun experience and I will never forget it"
- Aldo
"The staff was incredibly nice and patient. I was treated with respect and honesty. Besides not being able to eat certain foods, it was a great experiance"
- Monze
"At first my braces were kind of painful. They made my mouth sore and it hurt to eat. But after the first few weeks, I got used to them and they didn't really bother me anymore. I liked the different colors I got to choose, but I am happy they're off!"
- Hannah
"I loved my braces! They did a miracle on my teeth and helped me get my smile back. This was the best thing I could've done. My teeth turned out amazing."
- Tanna
"I had the best experience in a Dental setting with y'all ! From walking in the door and being seated immediately to everyone's cheerfull faces and especially great attitude. The quality of my care exceeded my expectations. I'm glad I didn't go anywhere else. Thank you Dr. Brown and staff for giving me a whole new confidence!"
- Amanda
"Everytime I came, I was greeted by the staff and everyone was very nice. I felt welcome here, although the braces themselves were so annoying. I'm glad that's over."
- Abigail
"I was treated very well. Every staff member was nice and kind. They took care of me very well. The staff members are the best! I always loved walking in and seeing their smiles. They all treated me kindly and in a respectful manner. Thank y'all!"
- Quelli
"I was treated amazing! They always checked if they were poking me or if anything bothered me. The staff was great, kind and careful. They would always make me laugh and smile. It was fun being around them and talking to them. Hill Country Smiles is not like other places that just treat you like a random customer, they treat you like family."
- Abel
"I really like how nice the staff is here. They are all very friendly and always say hi to me. I also like how you get the opportunity to brush your teeth before the appointment. As well as in between. When my teeth and mouth have a bad taste they let you wash it out."
- Ryan
"I was treated very well. I enjoyed coming to every appointment. Once this is all done, I will miss being welcomed by my first name. The entire staff has been nothing but nice to me since the moment I first walked through the door. Goodbye Hill Country Smiles!"
- Will
"Everyone treated me kindly, it was great. They greeted me at the door and made sure I was comfortable during the entire process. It meant a lot considering that I'm not a fan of the dentist."
- Emily
"Everyone was friendly and understanding! My teeth look AMAZING! I am so grateful for everyone helping me and allowing me to take them off when I wanted. Loved coming here!"
- Macy